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Montreal, Why You Need To Visit?

If you have never been to Canada, you have probably heard a few notable things about this country. Did you know that it has some of the highest rankings in the world when it comes to education, quality of life and is ranked ninth in income per capital? Canada is divided into ten providence’s, Quebec being one of the largest. In the providence of Quebec is the city of Montreal. Aside from being a city with amazing sites, nightlife and interesting people, Montreal, Canada is also well known for its hockey. It is the home of the Montreal Canadians hockey team. This team in itself is famous for winning many Stanley Cups, acquiring twenty four total cups to date. So, it’s not surprising that Montreal is famous for not only hockey but hospitality, hotels and night life. When hockey season comes around, hotels fill up quick and Montreal becomes a bustling city full of hockey fans.

Montreal is also known for being one of the most livable places to reside and is named Canada’s Cultural Capital. It’s Canada’s second largest city and as a result has a few different ethnicities residing within it. Montreal has within its city limits, Little China and Little Italy and a variety of other neighborhoods adapted by immigrants who moved to the area. So, if you’re wondering what you will see if you decide to visit Montreal, Quebec it’s bound to more than snow and hockey. This is a city which although prides itself on its amazing hockey team, boast a multitude of cool things to see and do within its borders.

Montreal, Canada is also known for something else. It’s symphony! The L’Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal is rated the number one attraction in Montreal so you may want to check this out when you’re in town. The musical talent displayed is over the top but you will have to reserve long in advance as tickets sell out quick! To check out the amazing reviews on this symphony check out this link.

When traveling in Montreal Canada, you may be pleasantly surprised to see that it has an extremely low crime rate. This is one of the factors which brings many to this city. It is also a popular destination for gay and lesbian tourists as well. In all of Quebec same sex marriage is legal which may be one of the reasons the popularity among this group has soared.

If you’re into eating interesting foods, Montreal is a great place to satisfy your palate. Being home to a large community of Jewish people has also brought in a great tradition of foods among the Jewish. Bagels are quite popular in Montreal and over the years they have become a well known food staple of the city. Another interesting food found in Montreal is poutine. Poutine consist of french fries, curd cheese and thick gravy. This, although considered somewhat bizarre, has become widely popular throughout Montreal leaving some to wonder what kind of interesting concoction someone will come up with next. Another fact about foods well known to Montreal is the penchant its people have for maple syrup. This has been popular in restaurants throughout the city for decades and is used as a condiment on pancakes, bacon and anything related to breakfast. So, yes Montreal and its residents have a craving for foods, some a bit out of the ordinary but nevertheless delicious!

As you can see Montreal has a multitude of things to do and places to see! It’s a city with great hockey, food, and a very safe place to live. So safe in fact that people around the world come to live and visit. If you visit Montreal be sure to check out the amazing churches. The largest domed church, St-Joseph’s Oratory is worth checking out. This amazing structure stands 423 feet and is definitely a site to behold!

This blog only touches the surface of the cool things Montreal is known for. This is a city well worth checking out if you get the chance to visit! The people of Montreal speak mostly French and are friendly, especially to English speaking individuals. While every town and city has its share of social and economic problems, Montreal really does seem to be a city that prides itself in all ways. Check out Montreal, you’re bound to find its reasons for being one of the top rated cities are proven right! And to find the best places to go visit

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